Abita Beer, Cooking Louisiana True is a book that will change the way you cook and the way you think about beer. Famous chefs and fantastic restaurants have long used Abita Beer in their recipes. Now you can create dishes from Emeril's, Commander's Palace, Chefs Paul Prudhomme, Susan Spicer, John Folse and many more. Plus you'll discover recipes submitted by Abita Beer lovers from all across the nation. As an ingredient in every recipe, Abita Beer adds new and exciting flavors to favorite dishes and introduces totally new creations.

Abita Beer, Cooking Louisiana True is more than just a cookbook. Discover how beer is made, the history of brewing and how beer has shaped the city of New Orleans. In addition to learning the art of food pairing with Abita, you'll also become an expert at selecting the proper glassware as well as serving practices to help you appreciate the complexity of beer like never before.

Louisiana chef, author and food columnist Marcelle Bienvenu tested, tasted and even submitted recipes for Abita Beer, Cooking Louisiana True. "If you enjoy drinking beer, you will certainly like cooking with it. It was quite exciting for me to test the contributed recipes as well as develop other recipes using Abita Beer products," said Marcelle.

New Orleans' favorite chefs and finest restaurants love cooking with Abita Beer. Over 60 recipes were collected from restaurants and Abita beer lovers everywhere. Learn how beer is made, the history of brewing in New Orleans and why Abita Beer is always Louisiana True.

Recipes by:
- Chef Emeril Lagasse - Dickie Brennan's Palace Cafe & Bourbon House
- Chef Tory McPhail, Commander's Palace - Chef Poppy Tooker
- Chef Paul Prudhomme, K-Paul's - Chef Donald Link, Cochon
- Chef Susan Spicer, Bayona - Chef Bob Iacovane, Cuvee
- Chef Brian Landry, Galatoire's Restaurant - Chef Kim Kringlie, Dakota
- Chef John Folse ...and dozens more!
- Ralph Brennan's Bacco & Redfish Grill  

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